NY Pin Up Club: A Little Teaser Burlesque--03/29/17                  Hotsy Totsy Burlrsque:Buffy the Vampire Slayer--03/09/17
            XXXO, Love Letters from Sincerely Yours--9/10/14                   Sharkbite Sideshow--8/22/14                       RAWR Burlesque - MYTH---8/1/14
                Hopelessly Devoted to Boobs: Tribute to Grease and Grease 2--4/24/14                          Sharkbite Sideshow--6/13/13
                   Hotsy Totsy Burlesque:Star Trek Tribute--3/26/14                              Varla Velour NY School Burlesque Drivers Seat--4/16/14  
                           10/25/13-Sharkbite Sideshow         Sharkbite Sideshow-11/22/13        Bedlam Burlesque-1st Anniversary Show--12/06/13
              Hotsy Totsy Burlesque--Muntsters/Addams Family-10/15/13                            Razzmatazz Revue-Menagerie of Mischief-10/17/13                                                                                    NY PinUp Club 7th Anniversary Show--10/22/13
         Razzmatazz Revue--8/20/13                            Sharkbite Sideshow--8/23/13                Sharkbite Sideshow--9/27/13
Sharkbite Sideshow--7/26/13                  Schtick a Pole in it-A Night of Comedy and Pole Dancing--7/27/13                    Sharkbite Sideshow--8/09/13 
           Sharkbite Sideshow--6/14/13                           2013 Coney Island Mermaid Parade                        Sharkbite Sideshow--7/12/13
                                Sharkbite Sideshow--2/22/13                  Hotsy Totsy Burlesque Presents: 50 Shades of Cherry--2/19/13
Sharkbite Sideshow--1/11/13             Legends Of Burlesque--1/06/13               Sharkbite Sideshow--12/28/12              Sharkbite Sideshow-12/14/12
Sharkbite Sideshow--11/09/13                Sharkbite Sideshow: Halloween Edition--10/26/12                     Hotsy Tosy Burlesque--10/16/12
                                                                                      NY Pin-Up Club
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